Youth Services 
Youth services will be delivered weekly, through three after-school program components
1) Girls Talk, 2) Boys to Men, and 3) Warriors For Christ " Teen Cafe" programs provide between 75 to 375 hours a year of service to assist youth to thrive, despite the barriers they face.  Volunteers serve as teachers, counselors, positive role models/mentors, career guides, resource referral experts and more.
Senior Services
Continuing the work of volunteers associated with Greater Love Tabernacle Church of Boston (the “Church”), Greater Love Community Cares, Inc. will offer weekly breakfast meetings for seniors, and these meals are supplemmented by free groceries for seniors experiencing financial crises. Volunteers from the organization will continue to raise funding from the individual contributors and nearby small businesses to purchase needed medications, glasses, dentures. Volunteers also raise funds to assist elders in paying extraordinary bills to avoid costly shut-offs or the life-threatening discontinuation of heat/electricity/water. Volunteers three annual events for elders living alone, with relatives out of state. Gift baskets with healthy food and personal items are also collected and distributed at these Birthday, Mothers’ and Fathers’ day celebrations. The organization will also arrange for health care presentations focused on regular exercise, Diabetes, Cancer, High Blood-Pressure prevention and healthy eating.  Finally, Greater Love Community Cares, Inc. will organize volunteers making weekly trips to visit seniors in their homes and in nursing homes; to reduce their isolation by helping to write to distant relatives, explaining important documents and assisting elders to obtain needed services. All of these activities will be organized by a volunteer coordinator, to be hired by Greater Love Community Cares, Inc.
Ex-Offender Services
Greater Love Community Cares, Inc. provides volunteers to work with an existing organization, the Prison Prevention and Future Hope Apprenticeship Program, to provide weekly services to assist young detainees, adult inmates and ex-offenders to develop realistic goals for their future lives, both before and after being released from prison.  The program provides individualized services to ex-offenders to improve their parenting skills, teach new health habits, provide counseling, referrals and follow-up services to link ex-offenders to available services, especially training and job placement services focused on the construction trades (including light carpentry, plumbing and painting).  GLCC will continue to work with the program through the work of Pastor William Dickerson, GLCC’s President; through the volunteer efforts of numerous members of the church; and through providing a location for the delivery of the services offered by the project.

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